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Volunteer Drivers

We use volunteers to drive the minibuses and we keep a register of MiDAS trained drivers.. We encourage groups to nominate their own driver. We will assess and train your driver and accredit them to the nationally recognised Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme, MiDAS.

MiDAS Driver Training

MiDAS Passenger safety and comfort is of prime importance to us and we have joined the MiDAS national accreditation scheme for minibus drivers.

All CCT Drivers will undergo an on road driving assessment with a qualified Driver Assessor Trainer and have to attend a training session to receive their certificate.


We recognise that some groups may have difficulty in finding a driver. We therefore seek to recruit volunteers from the local community who are prepared to devote a few hours a week to drive our minibuses.

All volunteers receive MiDAS training and reimbursement of expenses.

If you are aged between 25-65 years of age with a clean driving licence, you are eligible for MiDAS training and assessment.

We keep a register of approved volunteer drivers who are prepared to drive for any member groups which have difficulty finding their own.

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